Teaching Materials

Over the years the Fun:) project team and Lee Kum Kee (Europe) have amassed a wealth of information and knowledge about Chinese cuisine. There are countless types and variations of Chinese cuisine which are healthy and nutritious.

This section presents information and resources that would be beneficial to your school and even your family and friends. Subjects will cover new and well-loved recipes, cooking styles and preparation, ingredients and up-to-date news and links to recommended resources.

Information on some of our best-loved Chinese dishes in the UK is listed here for your viewing pleasure.

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Fun:) are offering all teachers, especially Food Technology teachers and assistants, the opportunity to learn and update your knowledge about Chinese cuisine as well as understanding more about the history of the particular dish.

Log in to gain access to all the teaching materials, including more LESSON PLANS and ACTIVITY SHEETS. Besides the above public Lesson Plans, the library includes many more built around different skills and recipes, such as: "Ants Climbing a Tree", "Braised Chicken & Potatoes", "Buddha's Delight", "Char Siu", "Kung Pao Chicken", "Mapo Tofu", "Shao Mai", Stir-fried Beef & Asparagus", Dry-fried Green Beans" and more. Complement with our short & sweet Chinese cookery SKILLS VIDEOS - from de-boning chicken thighs to making making Classic Chinese Dumplings or the Cantonese Style Seabass.

The FUN:) Team actively works to diversify the teaching materials and to add new Lesson Plans.